Responding to spiritual and physical needs among the most vulnerable populations in East Africa
Breaking the cycle of poverty by providing clean drinking water, child sponsorship and community projects


“ Over one thousand people came to know the Lord as Savior…..”

These mission trips are life changing. Below are some unsolicited testimonials received from those who have traveled with World Harvest Mission in the past to minister in Uganda or have attended some of our conferences, workshops or outreaches.


Venue: Kampala Pentecostal Church


Hope you have recovered from your journey. Our teams were stretched as well as blessed. perhaps we could get together sometime in the future and review our trip. We will be in prayer concerning another trip.

- Pastor Dave. Fathers House, Vacaville, California


Venue: Kampala Redeemed Church

 Dear brother William:

Thank you for your letter.  Thank you for the opportunity to minister in Uganda.  Both Joel and I felt honoured to be a part of team there and to participate in what God is doing in Africa. There was a real sense of the presence of the Lord as we ministered and we felt that there was a breakthrough for many of those who attended the conference.  It was alsogreat to get to meet you and I hope that we can do more together in the future. God is Good!

- Pastor Jeremy- Calgary, Canada

Schools Outreach Program

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE HARD LABOUR AND PATIENCE THROUGH ALL THIS. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING US SUCH NICE COMMITTED PEOPLE TO THE LORD. We give our good Lord all the praise honour and glory. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE VERY GENEROUS GIFT OF MONEY YOU LEFT ME. The Lord really blessed me and you have no idea how much it has blessed so MANY people!. I did give some to Lweza people though, the cleaners. And others outside Lweza,  some major need came up and again our good Lord Jehovah Jireh did it.

-  Beth Baleke. Scripture Union,  Kampala, Uganda

Worship and Prophetic Conference

My precious brother William,I am hugely thankful for the two seminars you organised for us. We benefitted spiritually and in many other ways. I hereby thank all the brethren who sponsored the Kigali delegation. We appreciate the leather purses  and the $20 gift per head, the books, the keyboard, and all other assorted blessings. I have no words to express all our gratitude. How can I forget the cherished Bible I got from Judy, and her husband , that blessed couple. it was such a joy to meet you again William, though I feel I hardly talked with you. Thank you fo r your effort in the kingdom; God bless you . This was an introduction, I will certainly share in detail next time. I was strengthened by the prophecies my country and I received from the brethren. Please pass my love to all of the worship team, and the Canadian brethren.

Yours faithfully

- Pastor John Kigali, Rwanda

Schools Outreach Program

Dear  Pastor Scott Bond and Carmichael Chrsitian Church, Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus. I am writing to thank you so much for being so kind and generous and supporting the building of God's kingdom over here inUganda by sending us the BIBLES that we received through the family of the Kasiryes. Many schools were visited and over one thousand came to know the Lord as Saviour. Bibles is one of our greatest needs so again thank you so much. I have been approached by so many students in the schools we visited requesting for Bibles. God bless you in your service. In Christ.

- Kampala, Uganda


Venue: Makerere Medical School

From the start, it was a brilliant idea.


- I am a medical student.

- I am on the health committee of my Hall of residence

- I am a swimmer and can help when students or other people are drowning at the pool

 This course would also benefit nurses on the ward because it could save more people especially pediatrics and obstetrics. It can reduce mortality in hospital. Also establish a good quality emergency system in Uganda(Food for Thought)

 THANK YOU VERY MUCH – Please come back again.

 Yes, the session has been very useful, especially the part on breathing and CPR because I am a frequent swimmer and I’ve seen lots of close to drowning or absolute drowning and before this I’ve always looked on helplessly. I’ve heard about CPR before but I hadn’t been trained in it before despite my interest – just didn’t know when and how to apply it.

Now I know and I am very sure it will come in handy some time and most of all I loved it very much.

 Thanks and come again.

 God bless you all.

 Medicine III

- Kampala Uganda

Before this, I really didn’t know how to handle situations where persons need help. At one time, I practically saw someone fall in front of me and just ran away in fear. Now I know I will be of much value to society

Medicine III

-   Kampala Uganda 


Venue – Scripture Union Building

 I have like the whole training because I gained new knowledge to help children and people in the community. I would like the same to be organized again because the time wasn’t enough and the accent was not so clear.

 Dear Judi

 Praise the Lord!

 I thank the Lord for bringing you to Uganda and especially for equipping us with a lot of knowledge. May the Lord bless you big! I have liked everything about the training and I have really enjoyed it. I wish most of the people would get the opportunity to learn what we have learnt, thank you.

Have a safe journey home.

Another Testimonial…..

  • I liked the content of the training i.e. First Aid because in our curriculum it mainly majors on other subjects other than First Aid.
  • I liked it because it was aided by a visual aid – the video tape
  • I liked the idea of inviting different children workers from around the city to come and attend this training. I was touched particularly by the way you gave out all of yourself just for us to positively impact us…..
  • From what I heard, I liked the decision you and you husband made to travel together just to do ministry together and of course the other teams you came with.
  • It’s encouraging to hear how you kept appreciating our country and hospitality again and again.
  • It was so good to hear your generosity for the citizens of my country. May God abundantly bless you
  Send my love to your husband and the team.


- Kampala, Uganda

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