Responding to spiritual and physical needs among the most vulnerable populations in East Africa
Breaking the cycle of poverty by providing clean drinking water, child sponsorship and community projects


n) What is WHM Child Sponsorship Program?

Our goal as World Harvest Mission is to respond to spiritual and physical needs among the most vulnerable adult and children populations in Uganda and Rwanda. The child sponsorship program provides an opportunity for individuals such as yourself to invest financially in the life of a child, who otherwise would not have the opportunity of a bright future. This program helps provide children with benefits of an education, health care, spiritual and emotional support. All donations through WHM are tax-deductible in the United States.

n) How do can I get started?

A few minutes from now, you can be on your way to changing a child's life. Click for details.

n) Where are you located?

We are located in Sacramento, California. All checks and donations should be mailed to the address below:

World Harvest Mission
P.O.Box 422
North Highlands, California 95660

n) Where is World Harvest Mission currently sponsoring Children?

WHM is currently sponsoring children in the following countries:

  • Rwanda
  • Uganda

n How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

The contributions for the sponsorship program are as follows:

  • Monthly: $25
  • Semi-Annually:$150
  • Annually: $300

n) How much of my money goes toward administrative costs?

All World Harvest Mission directors are volunteers (unpaid) and no sponsorship money goes towards salaries in the United States or overseas.

n) What is the best way to send my contribution?

Use one of the methods below:

  • Automatic deductions
  • Send a cashiers check
  • Send a money order
  • Send a personal check

n) Can I send small packages to my sponsored child?

The best gift would be a cash donation. However, if one prefers to send a package, we encourage you to send along a suggested cash donation of $20 for packages that are less than 2 lbs and $30 for packages that are up to 5 lbs. Sending packages to Africa is very risky and often times the gifts may not reach the recipients. That’s why we encourage cash donations as opposed to gifts and presents.

n) What can I expect?

There will be at least four letters from the Children, and this is what you can expect:

  • A photograph
  • A personal biography
  • A Christmas note
  • A thank you note, and
  • A student progress report during the course of the year

n) How do I communicate with my sponsored child?

We encourage you to write to your child as often as you like. We rely on the field coordinators and guardians of the children to provide us with timely correspondence. All correspondence, whether from the sponsor, or the children, must be filtered through WHM for security and accountability purposes.

n) How do I start?

To share your life with a child in Africa, and experience the joy of sponsorship, start here.

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