Responding to spiritual and physical needs among the most vulnerable populations in East Africa
Breaking the cycle of poverty by providing clean drinking water, child sponsorship and community projects

Our Teams

Our teams usually spend two weeks in Uganda, where we minister in Pastors and Church Leaders Conferences, Worship Conferences, Women’s Conferences, as well as visit Orphanages, Schools, and University Campuses. Often, World Harvest Mission teams are composed of members from different States and from different Churches in the United States and in Canada. College students and teenagers are encouraged to experience serving God overseas in a different cultural setting. 

We thank all those who have donated to the various WHM projects in East Africa. You have made made it possible for us to construct new water wells, provide tuition, open knitting centers in Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda, and donate thousands of pounds of much needed computers, knitting machines, sewing machines, bicycles for pastors, books  and supplies to schools, orphanages and churches.

Mission Team
     Arrival in Uganda
Nakigo Water Well
Arrival in Uganda
Knitting Center