Responding to spiritual and physical needs among the most vulnerable populations in East Africa
Breaking the cycle of poverty by providing clean drinking water, child sponsorship and community projects

Mission Trip Application

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Some of the activities in the schedule are subject to change if the conditions on the ground change. You are advised to be flexible. WHM  teams usually spend two weeks in Uganda or one week in Uganda and the other week in Rwanda.

11/08/2011 Departure for Uganda
11/09/2011 Arrival in Londond
11/10/2011 Arrival at Entebbe and travel to Mbale
11/11/2011 Visit schools/Construction
11/12/2011 Visit schools/Construction
11/13/2011 Visit Churches and Schools
11/14/2011 Visit schools/Construction
11/15/2011 Tour Elgon Mountains
11/16/2011 Travel to Iganga
11/17/2011 Visit Water Wells at Iganga
11/18/2011 Tour Jinja, source of the Nile, Travel to Kampala
11/19/2011 Visit WHM Mpala Women's Project
11/20/2011 Rest/ Shopping
11/21/2011 Departure for U.S.A
11/22/2011 Arrival in  U.S.A



WHM restricts the information on mission trips that's posted on our website. Specific information is provided in your training manual after your application has been approved.

Your application to join a mission team to Africa will be reviewed and if you are selected, you will be asked to send in an initial deposit payment of $250. You will then receive a CD- ROM as well as a package with more detailed information on travel requirements, how to obtain a passport, a visa, information on vaccinations and on how to get prepared for the trip.

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